Terms and Condition

Our online pharmacy, Pillswithus advises you to go through its terms and condition carefully, prior to making any deal.

We and our employees are not responsible for any possible risk arising after taking medicines purchased from our official website pillswithus.

Before placing an order on our website one should get a check-up with a doctor to get the perfect dose for the treatment.

Terms and Condition and Information of products available on this website is totally in general nature but it is better to consult your physician before placing your order on this website.

The products and packaging may be different from provided images as photos on our website. These are only for reference.

On our website, you will always find genuine products as we get direct supply from manufacturing companies and you will find the best deals.

Security (Terms and Conditions)

We always value and care about the personal information that you shared with us during the registration process. We never sell any type of customer information as we follow a strict policy for customer privacy. We use innovative SSL encryption technology for protecting your data. By using this security system, there is no chance of leaking and misusing the personal information of the customer. Thus, we provide you with 100% security while shopping on our website.

Financial transaction information is also safe and secure thus one can easily place an order by using different modes of payment options. Read our Terms and Condition.

Comments & Feedbacks

On our website, we provide a Feedback section where one can share their views, experience, suggestions as well as messages. We are glad to welcome your views regarding our online pharmacy. If any queries related to products you can ask in the comment and Feedback section. We are available 24 hours and try to short out your problem as soon as possible.

You are agreed that your comments are accurate and true and that you want to place them on the profile of the website. Also, you agreed that your name will be printed together with your comments.

Customer Eligibility

For placing an order on our website you should be above 18 years as per the drug policy most products on our website are not for children below the age of 18.

Our main aim is to provide 100% customer satisfaction thus we suggest you don’t use any of these products without getting a prescription from a doctor.

Shipping Address

We always measured the default address as per your last order made on our website. You can change your shipping address at any time by editing the address area of your account. Also, you can change the shipping address by choosing the address pull-down list offered on our website.

If you entered the wrong shipping address then for the reshipping process you have to pay the shipping charge. Thus, before order placement check your shipping address once.

Custom Charge and Delay

Sometimes due to different problems with Customs one will not be able to receive their order within the shipping time period. We are not responsible for any delay in customs that may be delay made by your country’s delivery services.

Also, we are not liable for the Custom charge; you are directly payable to your country’s customs department.

Drugs Policy (Terms and Conditions)

We will not ship any narcotics and including Benzodiazepines to any of its pharmacy customers. Here we announce terms and conditions.

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